Lets talk about some awesome New Songs

People love New songs, who among us remembered the great well known boy band of their generation, the Janoon, a man with full of soul when singing Mili naghma, Ali Azmat, Mahdi Hassan, Noor Jahan these are some legendary singers who gave us songs to be remembered and sang until now, the Nazia Hassan and lot of singers from old times. Songs make our heart and mind romantic, emotional, funky etc. Some songs are cause to feel alive and some makes us cry. We love to sing a song and we love also to dance while song is playing as well. We enjoy singing inside the bathroom, when we are in our bed or listening to radios, DVDs or even in our cellphones and mp3 player or iPod we accompany by songs when playing.We fall asleep listening to it or sometimes we noticed our tears falling down through the songs we listened to.Songs have effects our life. What kind of songs we do like?

Old songs vs. new songs?

Both type of songs touch our feelings. It may be old or new one. But young ones love to. Listen to new songs. How, and why? Old people who love to listen songs of their generation might have questions on their mind why young ones love new songs, which means each generation, have their own choices of new songs.Song writers at present times also learn how to dance on different type of songs youth want to listen. How do they do it? It is not easy to write, compose, and make new songs. Lots of factors are needed to be considered.

Success of new songs is now a days relying on the success of the singer, that's why most of the song writers and producers should be good in their work. Sing those songs are well known to the public. How will you describe new songs of new generation? If you will listen to these songs both old and new, mostly there is no difference. The only thing u will notice about it is the music that accompany the lyrics. Sometimes the genre also was considered on how the song will be played. It might be little jazz, pop, classic, rock, love song or salsa depending on the singer and musician who will play the songs and how they will do it to be loved by the new generation.

Sometimes music producer used old songs and make it new to the listeners. How? They consider the beat of the music to the new or old song produced. That's why at present youth loves Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Adele and most of all boy bands and a lady named Miley Cyrus. Singing some new songs and HD Video songs make them more popular and successful singer. They pinch the heart of the listeners especially teenagers those love to emote while singing and during breakups.

Do you want to sing a new song as a group or with peers?

New songs will be heard on this new generation and as time passes by, songwriter continues to write new songs those usually comes from the core of their hearts.