What is a movie?

A film, is also called a movie, photoplay, motion, gesture, pitcher, these are called series of still images.  When these things are shown on a screen, then creates the illusion of moving images due to the PHI phenomenon. We can call the process of film making is both art and an industry.

Phi phenomenon is the optical illusion of perceiving a series of still images, also collect all the images and show on the screen and display the result like movie.


History of film began in the ends of 18th century; Motion picture cameras were invented for the production of the movies. Then the film production companies were started to be established their business. In the end of 18th limits of technology, movies were produced without the background sounds. Movies were really under the shot time until the 19th.

In the middle of 19th industry was established large-scale entertainment. Then the movies are become several minutes long and consisting the several shots.

The first rotating camera was built in end of the 18th in 1898.

The first film studios were in 1897.

Starting in 19th special effects was using the continuity, with full action, rotating, moving from one into another.  

There are three famous movie industries





Lollywood movies productions were start in 1950.  In the 19th   Lollywood movies were really good, interesting stories, well script, well managed, family movies, great actress, and also low budget. Lots of movies were very popular and still have the impact on the industry.  That time movies were really good and sweet entertainment for the families. Mid in the 19th Lollywood were a big and high revenue produced industry in the world.  

Pakistan also shared film industry with Indian film industry, from 1896 to 1947. Lahore produced many films star. Large number of Pakistani artists was debuted in this period. Lahore was a very nig industry.
The first silent film from Lahore was “The daughter of today” released in 1924

 The Daughter of Today

The first ever silent film from Punjab. It was big blockbuster film in the Pakistan film industry. M. Ismail was one the finest actress in the industry. He started his career when Lahore made silent movie, he was the first choice for this movie. One of the best film was released from the Lahore was Her Rajah in 1932. This one also famous movie.

The history of Lollywood Movie:

The silent Era in the starter of the history 1896-1931

The independence period 1931-1947

Formative period 1948 – 1955

Golden Era 1956 – 1966

Period of the great change 1967 – 1978

Crisis time 1979 – 1990

Ups and down duration 1991-1999

Hollywood Movies

In 18th century Hollywood industry was smallest industry. It becomes a great industry in the early of 19th. The first officially office were opened in Los Angeles. And after this Hollywood industry become prominent film industry. Then many films were released in the film industry.

Bollywood Movies

In the early time period no one was familiar to the Bollywood industry.  Bollywood known as Hindi cinema. With the passage of time Bollywood became one of the largest film industries in India. In Bollywood industry many other production centers producing films in many other Indian languages.

Revenue generated in Bollywood industry

Bollywood Cinema: 43%

Telugu Cinema:  36%

Tamil Cinema: 38%

Bollywood is also one of the huge industries in the world. Number of films produced, number of production house, large amount of employs in this industry. Bollywood produced 252 films in 2014. And in 2015 more than 260 films were released. With these number of films Bollywood generated a very beautiful amount of revenue.

Enough explanation about history of industries and films.

How a movie can be created?

5 steps we are flowing

Getting the Essentials

Get a camera

First you have to decide the camera you need and also what the camera you can afford. Professional-looking films making lots of the filmmakers have used cheap cameras to make the movies.

Decide how you will edit the movie

Most famous software are using for edit the movie, (Edit Magic or Avid Freed). Find a place to film locations are very important for the shooting the movie. Find the location that are settled by your story 

Writing the film

Dream up a visual story

Most of the movies are based on essentially visual story. Like what the first idea come in your mind and you want to turn it into the movie.

Expand your idea into a story

A story build in your mind from the idea have to use with character.

Write a screenplay

 A screenplay breaks every moment of the story into an individual, film-able scene. It is the must that each screenplay scene should start with a brief description of the Scene.

Storyboard of your movie   

Storyboard creates without the dialog.

Develop an aesthetic for your film

Seems to be a good idea to spend the more time to thinking how you can develop more effectively.

Design the costumes and sets

This is very important the look that you want for your movie. Design the costumes and Set require the story and character

Consider lighting

Some movies features are without light colors effects. Make sure you are using proper way to shoot the movie.

Dress the sets, or scout a location

If you are going to shoot on-location, first find the area you want, and make sure it's Available for filming

Casting the Crew

Director choose the actore for the charter of the film. This is also an important part for film making. This is really good thing if you decide the cast who act in the film early.


For the movie purpose editing is very important part. Without effective editing we can’t get good and valuable results. Different kinds of software for the editing now using these days, it’s up to you which one you want to use. One thing in mind is always the right collection for the editing the movie.  

Most of the movies are created for the specific cultures. They can put the good impact on the society. Movies can play important part in society. This is a powerful platform to aware people about cultures around the world.  We can also provide a powerful platform to communicate with others by adding multiple languages in




These things are really helpful for the different culture and languages people to understand easily.


What is trailer?

Trailer is also known as a coming attraction of a film just to create a curiosity about coming movie. Also known as advertisement for upcoming movies, that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema. Trailer is something like a full flange that show as a shot clip. In the early of the film industry trailer were shown after the releasing the movies. That practice was not work as long as now trailers are shown before the film begins.


It’s an old tech now but there are few people still using this for different purposes mostly for official use. DVD is a type of compact disc able. It can store large amounts of data, especially (HD) high-resolution audiovisual material. In 19th century no one knows about the DVDs, everyone knows about the caste. This is also a type of compact disc able to store data. Everyone was used these caste for watching the movies listening the songs. 


Internet is a global computer network, that providing a variety of information and communication facilities, for all the users. This is the best way to work on globally. First thing when you want to watch the movie is internet.

Publicity on Social Media

Purpose of discussing social media is just to inform that the number of social media users is huge so producer actors and stars can promote their movies through such kind of platform.  Social media is a collection of websites and applications that provide the users to create and share content. Now these days everyone wants to become popular, and Social media provide a good platform for everyone to become famous.