Best collection of Hindi Movies

The hundred years ago we had only given prefer to watch movies for entertainment. There were not many things to entertain anyone, for those who really want to spend their time with family, movie was a great thing for them. Movies have different kinds with a lesson. Like how we spend or spending our life how we spend our time in good way how we achieve our goal how we behave to the others. If a movie has nothing like this and also no moral then there is no impact to the other.
In the beginning of the movies there was nothing glamorous no dirty things poor fashion everything was in limit. For those, who wants to entertain their families and there should be no embracing thing in movie. In Asia a very big name in the history of the movies is Sultan Rahi. Start of the time these movies got big response from the audience. In the beginning, these movies were release only in a specific area or sector, but now in current days movies are watched in more than fifty countries overall the world. It’s only my opinion, it’s not confirmed just average idea. According to my grandfather, they told me that when they were young they use to watch movies they got real inspiring heroes, and that time people get inspiration from them.
Hindi Movies and Punjabi Movies, had a very big part in the revolution of the film industry. In a single movie there were more than 6 and 7 songs in movie and those songs were not vulgar in any sense. With the passage of time now all the things are converting only in romance, vulgarity and with any inspiration. Now it has become a competition and started to compete their competitor, and they have no sense how it is going in a bad sense. Bollywood movies also have a name in the history of the movies. Some big names are in front of us, like all the KHANz are legends of the industry. Big stars do not want anything cheap in their movies they always try to give a lesson or some inspirations in story of the movie for the viewer/audience. If I mention here some names of these movies then nothing become wrong it’s only my choice. Like PK movie of Amir Khan has a very big impact and moral for all type of the audience (If you have believe on you then you can achieve anything whatever you want to, but it’s only possible when you are going in right way and follow the rules of the success. Always give respect to the others respect their religion respect all the things what they want to be respected. Then you can put impact to the others.) This is what I got from this movie. We have different things in our mind like everything has two ways, 1) is the Plus point and 2) thing is Negative. It only depends on us how we can take those things in wrong way or right way.

Hindi movies, Horror Movies and Latest Bollywood Movies, are very big entertainment for all of us. I really like to watch these movie just for make my mind fresh. If a movie has lesson then I must recommend it to my family and friends to watch that particular. If I have nothing to do an also have spare then I always give prefer to watch some funny videos things. Now these days most of the movies have only negative things