Funny Clips

We are talking about Funny clips !!!

Mostly definitions those discussed on the internet about the fun or entertainment. Fun and Entertainment looks like same but you can define in different manners. Everyone knows that laughing is the best therapy of enjoyment and entertainment. Everyone knows about fun is an enjoyment, feels good, and pleasure in your life. Another site discuss about the fun is an entertaining facts, and happiest movements occur in your life with different ways I think so it is an amazing definition explains entertainment. We are using another word in our article whereas we will use two different terminologies fun and entertainment is an action or process that can be cause of good feelings for peoples and good for mental parts and also good for mentally and physically health.

So many questions in our mind just like what is Entertainment?

Why we need Entertainment? Is that an Art?

I think most of peoples know about these answers. I have observed that most of people has not authentic answer of these questions. Now we will discuss about how to enjoy a time with funny videosfunny clips, funny images funny jokes, funny SMS? Different action that make you happy and feel good in your body and relax your brain.

For example when you are bored in our daily life (routine) then you need some relax your mind and relax your body it depends on you.

This is how to manage your activity?

How to feel good and how to relax your mind?

Some Person depressed some are bored, and some person surround the anxiety attacks. Every person has different activity and ways to relax their mind or release the stress or depression. But some people release the stress watched funny videos, comedy Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, and Funny Drama. I think so it is a best way to reduce your stress. I don’t think so it’s a tricky or difficult way to reduce your stress. Because Internet is an amazing think or invention I think so mostly movies, clip, Videos, Jokes are available on the internet. And every person has a right to enjoy the content that will contain on the internet. Now day’s Social media provide an entertainment just like Facebook, Twitter, provide many entertaining things in the site just like chat your friends, watch many more, share your funny moments, Promote your vids, Share your funny images, now a days mostly people are making their content and clips and promoting on the social media sites. Online Games is another entertaining act. When someone is getting bore on the daily life then he playing some games that relaxes his mind. For example Chess, Playing Cards, and many others games available on the internet.

How to Direct Funny Clips?

There are many definitions about fun but according to my point of view we can define fun as it’s just an attractive feeling of satisfaction and happiness against childish acts those are by organic individuals.

Basically fun is a cause of decreasing the different depression fun entertain the user who bored, tired for some work, Holiday fun, fun has different actions perform on different situation. Different things that entertain to the user in different way just like.

Some person wants to make funny videos to make them laugh or to share with their friends. Fun basically finds every person who are depressed and some person find fun for daily activity just like get together parties. Fun has different types For example some person entertain them by playing cricket, some person find fun for get together to their friends, Some person find fun watching comedy Movies, Fun you can define in sense of happiness feeling in any things called fun.

Funny Videos are based on the extra ordinary fun. Funny videos have different types, just like some funny videos have fun with ethics and some have an unethically act. Some person want to make a funny clip but he don’t know how to act about funny comment or give a face expression and what will be do? Different steps are following to direct a Funny Clips,

  • First step that you will be follow manage all the things those you need to make a funny clip. For example you need a cameraman, writer, director, character that will perform on comedy material and its face expression should be funny and acting should attract to the people.
  • The second step is to make funny video clips that must be important in your work don’t make copy anything. For example don’t write in content that is copied and already in market and every person know about that particular funny joke. The writer who writes scrip, it’s his responsibility to check that scrip about copyright content law if any paragraph is copied in the script then he should remove that paragraph and write unique joke or funny scene. Because uniqueness is most important in those terms the people learn new things not same old thing those are already in market. Give a new Idea to a new Generation.
  • Getting some feedback is an interesting fact and part of making funny clips. For example you know about the new things first off all you should do a survey then apply some action. Feedback is most important to know about your video clip that tells you how people like or not your content or new idea. When you think this funny clip is satisfied then go the next step. Feedback you can collect through Comments, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, use different social media icons use for feedback.
  • The step fourth is an interesting step that will be choosing. Location is an interesting step that you will be choose on the basis of script or your ideas. For example if you will use some Funny Images in your clips that’s why you will choose location the Art Gallery the jungle of images. Different places are including in your location just like kitchen your living room your garden etc.
  •  Without this step you will be never make a clip or make some videos. Create your script is an important thing the writer should know about the funny jokes, know about the fun, know about the entertainment. If he does not know about the fun or entertainment then this clip will flop no one will pay attention to it.
  • Actor should be prepared in the script and also prepared about the performance that relies on the script. The face expression should be funny and set the mind to entertain the user then actor will be succeeded if the response of people is good and positive.
  • And this step starts your work lights camera and action.
  • To alter the Video last step you have to buy some editing software (tool) like movie maker, Photoshop, or any best video editing software which changes some expression or to make funny use different features, effects and many more.