Thursday , September 08,2016

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Funny videos becuase, there are many sites those are providing funny videos, and one of the most famous Site is YouTube. There are so many famous guys and groups making different funny clips publishing on Facebook  and on other social medias these people are seeking Millions of views and they have a good amount of visitors for example different vines & Vlogs. And because millions of people are using Facebook this is a big platform to upload and publish you content. Some of clips are lengthy but because of such a busy life people try to watch short clips for few seconds. With this perspective those groups make short clips and vines to entertain people. Some of those makes inspirational videos and clips to teach any kind of lesson to their communities that is really awesome. This trend is growing too quickly.

Whenever it comes to entertainment, because of such fast media communication our modern world today, activities of people are performed via internet or we can say associated with internet (including their jobs, office works or field works). In terms of joy and happiness for ourselves, or an activities that can releases stress or kill depression, social networks have a big impact. So for example Facebook, twitter, and Google+ are social media and YouTube is world’s largest video site, most of people in world search for funny videos on YouTube. Now Funnyvideo.Pk is an example that providing most viewed funny clips those can be cause of releasing stress and give us enjoyment. People love to watch their favorite heroes and celebrities, there are some most popular celebrities busy in making different kind of videos and funny dubsmashs, and some videos those can be a memory just for fun or any incident of life. Sometimes it’s hard to find quality and those type of funny clips kids can watch.