Amazing Videos

We people are curious about how things happen, or how a certain situations becomes like this or like that. We all have always questions in our mind that we do not stop thinking unless these questions have not answered. Questions about nature, animals, how our life is? Or how we say about reality in life, it might be like new born baby, death through accident or survival from it, disasters etc. These curiosities leads some people to create or invent modern technologies to let some extraordinary situation seen by people all around the world, and this creates amazing videos.

Amazing videos?

Yes, it is a reality of extraordinary events those are caught by cameras usually accidentally or sometimes guarded situations to make it seen more realistic. These amazing videos lead more people to be amazed on what is happening on earth in this world, especially in real life of people.

Let’s take an example,

A car is accidental and caught by cam makes people watching it stand from where they are sitting at home, because of some scenes unexpected to be seen like how the passengers survive in any tragic car accident. Fight of wild animals also amazed us, disasters like tidal wave makes whole world scared about it, land sliding or falling of high building, bridges due to any heavy earthquake which is unpredictable disaster how people run to save themselves. Some of these amazing videos create a big effect on people lives. But there are also videos those are cause for people to fall in love like caught jumping whale shark, dolphins or flying fishes etc. Animal lovers look for videos those will make their heart fall for it. Funny videos, and Funny Clips of a cute baby caught crying so hard waiting for his milk. Familybonding or gathering at the parks are some ordinary situations those when caught by cameras and seen by people makes a simple person to take positive step in life.

Now let’s talk about, how these amazing videos can be said amazing?

Now a days, Varity of videos can be said as amazing, this depends on the number of views. Some channels and websites offers to create videos more amazing and those can be known by people around the world. They need to use modern technologies and techniques to get the attention of viewers and visitors. Their main goal is to make their amazing videos viral. For companies or websites those gets millions of views for their unique videos offers just like winning in a lottery and a source of earning.

Now a days filming something have trickled down and totally depends on cameras because trend of making videos is spreading so quickly. We can create videos in all shapes and sizes with the help of DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras, and many others with different features. Lots of rising social stars are using different types of software to edit and modify their videos. Now we can also create videos by using own small cameras in our smartphone, less investments, and of course the entire smart phones is in your pocket today are also have so many features to make funny, Amazing videos.

Enough explanation on Camera LOL. Our topic is to talk about Amazing videos, then first thing comes in mind is, if we can do something that is really amazing, if that could be occur, if something new we can do that can amaze people, what that could be?

It is a reality that everyone wants to do some extraordinary things life. Sometimes we do such things in our real life if we are able to catch these accidentally happened incidents that could be really amazing to shock anyone. Because that will definitely look realistic not edited scenes as in Movies. Now there are many people are catching their real life accidents by making real natural environment

.There are many and incredible true-life stories, those happened with people around the world we can see those Amazing videos on YouTube. I always search for horror and amazing videos to watch real people, real danger, real excitement, real threat, and real incident occurred around the globe. And some of crazy people are always ready to experience the thrill and some unbelievable things people might think 100 times before doing that but crazy people do all time with no fear but pleasure.

There are so many amazing videos on YouTube those are caught by (CCTV) closed-circuit television 100% original not scripted.

Last night, I watched a video caught accidently, there was a driver violently flung from his car, after badly crashing into a lamppost car was rolling on, but  when car stopped he gets up and walks away unharmed. That was really shocking for me.

The dash cam footage, filmed in last Friday.

He was on wrong side and also violated lots of traffic signals. That was really surprising for me, he looked at himself and started laughing. Bad thing is he didn’t feel any shame.

The world is really so unpredictable. Lots of things happen suddenly, unexpectedly in our life and these things can put huge impact on our lives either that is positive or negative.

Freaky things happening all the time in the world, we can’t control these things. We can change our mind at similar or different point. I have a strong believe everything has to happen, and it would be, for the first time at some point its true. Capturing these things is an art, some professionals waste there huge amount of time to catch 100 natural happening things around the globe.

If you can set all the things that you want to do and with the priorities, then it’s could be good and you can get effective result.

Across the world everything is not completely accidental and random in life. That’s really interesting sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes good things happen with the bad persons. But keep one thing in your mind at least if you try to do good things, then you can get something worthwhile. I am talking about robbers those caught on CCTV cameras sometimes one of those get caught sometimes not.

If we spend our time in sleeping eating and fun, then lots of others things are happing in the world those can missed if we do not pay attention or get taste of those.

This world is full of indescribable natural beauty. It’s really hard and much difficult to say, a single lifetime would truly be enough to truly experience all of it. Must agree with me, still we never see everything that the world has to offer us.

In my way there are many amazing places across the globe to see. But, lots of breathtaking destinations are definitely that are in our mind to travel there.